What is this site about?

This is a simple site to help you discover the resources we provide for free to the community.
The internet domain is owned and run by the community member known as @projectShift , for supporting the community efforts and providing an umbrella domain for projects and resources that are made free to the Radix community.

What resources are there available?

You can find the resources available in the resources page.

Doesn’t Radix also make similar resources available for free?

Yes it does, and we are not trying to replace them, rather give the community more options; besides, it’s not guaranteed that Radix will provide a similar resource for each one we do or will do in the future (nor vice-versa).
Having choices does not have a negative impact and it does not hinder the usage of any resource available, no matter who is providing it.

Can I have my own resource for listed here?

Of course! It is our pleasure to help you with that and enable the community to further discover the resources that are made available to it.
We have only one condition: the resources must be completely free to use and related to Radix.
Use the contacts available and let us know how we can help you with it!

projectShift 2021