Currently NOT available

operations will resume on Jun 15th with regular free access to the API endpoints

  • Gateway API - public open endpoints for mainnet for stokennet

Get to know the details on the infrastructure that suppports this ...

The API is implemented in the node software code and is made available directly without any filtering or add-on.
To learn about the API and how to interact with it, visit The Radix Docs website .

The endpoint is being actively protected from attacks by strong anti-ddos measures and also from abusive usage through rate limiting
It may happen that even regular utilization may, from time to time, be temporarily blocked - if that’s the case, please know that the cooldown period is one minute.
If you think you may being unreasonably blocked or detect a problem, please contact us so we can investigate.
Likewise, if you have a specific scenario that needs higher rates for calls, please contact us so we can discuss solutions.

From other community members

  • Radix Dashboard , courtesy of @Avaunt / @AVaunt#5349
    a treasure trove of information for everything Radix Staking

  • EmmogluStakeryBot , courtesy of @ChatMichael and @Magal36
    a useful telegram bot to help you gather intel about your stake or validator

  • Rust & Scrypto Forum Discord server , courtesy of @Rock Howard#8203 and Neal#9537
    a community go-to reference for scrypto and bootstrapping your projects, while discussing with other devs

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