How to support us

You can support this initiative by either one of these methods:

  • by staking with the nodes that support us with direct stipends in XRD
  • providing direct donations in XRD to the wallet you can find below
  • by opening an account in bitfinex to trade XRD using the affiliate link provided

These are stokenet resources but support must come in as real XRD, of course!

If you have any other idea on how to support us, don’t hesitate to contact and let us know about it!

You can find the wallet’s address and list of supporter validators below, but keep in mind that the validators list may change from time to time, so please revisit us to update yourself and maybe adjust your supportive staking.

Remember that staking is the basis for RPN’s security and you get rewards in XRD from the network emissions, but the best strategy, for both network security and reward maximization, is to spread it across as many validators as possible - we recommend a minimum of 5.

Wallet address for donations


List of supporting mainnet validators

Node runner Validator Address for staking in mainnet
projectShift ( ) rv1qdawftdkvx385rmgeejalhxca0xwxhpgrzt9tuv23p08hxr39ypwv8y9e8l Validator A

Please keep your contributions to a sensible value, in alignment with your own holdings and token availability.
These resources do represent an heavy cost for us but they are being fully supported by the validator nodes above - that is the best way you can help and we all gain from it, along with RPN’s security.
Small contibutions are aceptable to ease that burden and still play an important role, as every XRD helps. We suggest to not go over a net worth of 120 USD anually.

projectShift 2021